Health advocacy is an activity that promotes direct health care service to individuals, families, communities and the public in general, for example requesting developer Pfizer to lower the price of its Fluconazole drug to render it accessible to thousands of AIDS victims.

Citizenhunter.com is the site that intends to create awareness in our society about the important role that our citizens have to play in order to live in a better place. In our fast paced society, it seems quite clear that people sometimes just let go and simply go with the flow, they perceive themselves as simple spectators and, unfortunately, sometimes victims. Everyday we hear people complain about our government, their policies (foreign and domestic), the economic crisis, etc. But what exactly do they do about it? (besides complaining). In many cases, not much. Being a good citizen involves many things, being born in a given country is far from being enough. The first thing that will start shaping a good citizen is the possibility of staying informed about what is going on in his country within and outside its borders. Information is the key element that will allow citizens to have a solid, clear point of view. At Citizenhunter.com we will provide readers with those news, that relevant information, those details that will keep you updated in terms of human rights, activism efforts, patriotism activities, information about elections and more. Activism is a very important factor of a good citizen, being part of a given movement and exercising the freedom of speech that our constitution guarantees is essential.

Our site will work as a means to create different networks for people interested in different activist rallies, belonging to activist groups or just staying informed about the world of activism. Learn what is going on in terms of human rights both nationally and internationally. It is a well known fact that our society has come long ways in terms of human rights, we can even go as far as to say that we have set the human rights standards at a global level. However, there are still many things that need to be changed and adapted as we continue to develop as the strongest nation in the planet. It is also true that many injustices have been committed in the name of human rights, different interpretations have proven to be more negative than positive in many occasions. A very strong point in favor of this site is the fact that we do not express any political inclinations or bias towards any idea, concept, political party or society. This site focuses on facts and reporting news as objectively as possible, so that the regular citizen can have access to them and draw his or her own conclusions on a great variety of topics. Our site is the perfect place to exchange opinions, comment recent events such as elections and political rallies and many other activities. Express your political views freely, always with respect and get the chance to discuss your points with other fellow citizens who may or may not share your views. Start your own human rights groups or just join your favorite human rights movement. Experience activism first hand at our site. Be more than a spectator as you take the active role that your community and country need you to.

In order to give our readers a clear picture on what activism is all about, we have developed a chapter called Activism, which deals with environmental activism, judicial activism and political activism. Visit that section of our site and learn more about everything related to that topic. Provide your opinion about the topics being dealt with at this section and make our site a better place. A whole section has been devoted to the basis of our site and society itself, the good citizen. Learn more about what it takes to be considered a good citizen, read about what a citizen watch is all about, the way it works, how to start one at your neighborhood or community, members, etc. One of the most rewarding experiences according to activists starts in their community watches and takes them to be part of other initiatives later on in their lives. As we mentioned before, our citizens should be informed on the latest news both domestic and foreign, therefore, we have included a complete section that deals with our foreign policy, get all the information that you need to analyze where our country stands in terms of foreign policy and other international affairs. We as Americans sometimes focus too much on our domestic issues and overlook the foreign matters that could be sometimes even more important. It is finding the perfect balance what makes a whole lot of difference. Finally we have included a chapter with a full biography of Flavia Colgan (Flavia Monteiro Colgan), a news reporter and activist that first conceived the idea of this site as a means to hunt for all those interested citizens and bring them all to a single place so that they could share their thoughts, worries and expectations, giving activism a new meaning.